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Closed captioning (CC) (also called subtitles for the hearing impaired) allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing, learning a new language, beginning to read, in a noisy environment, or otherwise disadvantaged to read a transcript or dialog of the audio portion of a video, film, or other presentation. As the video plays, text captions are displayed that transcribe speech and often other relevant sounds.

The FCC requires the majority of English and Spanish programming seen on broadcast TV in the United States to be closed captioned.

Laser Video offers in-house accurate and reliable closed captioning services for all segments of television programming including Network Broadcast, Syndication, Cable, Church, and in the Classroom.

Laser Video provides both EIA-608 or EIA-708 captioning services.

EIA-608 (SD Captioning) refers to the traditional style captioning in Line 21 of the VBI (vertical blanking interval).

EIA-708 (HD Captioning) is not dependent on the VBI, but rather is inserted into MPEG-2 video streams in the picture user data.

Pop-on or Roll-up Style?

POP-ON CAPTIONING: The program text pops onto the screen in blocks of one to three lines. The captions are carefully placed onto the screen so they do not interfere with on-screen text or graphics. Captions are synched to the spoken word, moved around the screen to identify speakers and sound effects are described. Pop-on captions are the preferred viewing style of the hearing impaired.

ROLL-UP CAPTIONING: Program text rolls onto the screen one line at a time. In most instances, a maximum of three lines are shown on the screen at a time. The captions are carefully synched to the spoken word and are placed onto the screen so they do not interfere with on-screen text or graphics. Roll-up captions are typically used for single speaker videos such as training or preaching programs.

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