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Digital Ad Delivery

Deliver broadcast-quality video advertising quickly and reliably through a nationwide network. It's fastest way to execute, distribute, serve and change video ad campaigns.

Laser Video is fully certified to upload and traffic spots through your preferred service.

In a RUSH? Online delivery offers the opportunity to have your spots trafficked in just a few hours - not having to wait to for tapes to arrive and be processed by the stations.

Laser Video will provide you with a with Proof of Delivery report when your spots have arrived and been successful trafficked.

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Ad-Id (ISCI) Number AssignmentAd Id Logo

Ad-ID (commonly referred to as ISCI) is a system for the registration of advertising assets. It generates and manages unique identifying codes which apply to all media.

Ad-ID can be thought of as the UPC code of the advertising industry. The Universal Product Code (UPC) consists of the numbers and barcode found on products around the world. These codes are used to identify products quickly and easily at grocery store checkout stands and other points along the supply chain. If manufacturers used their own proprietary tracking codes, how would distributors, retailers and others track sales, inventory, customer buying habits and preferences? Similar to the UPC code, Ad-ID streamlines the supply chain, fueling substantial productivity and cost savings for advertisers, agencies, vendors and media companies.